Benjamin Alderson CEO of Touchstone Advisory Ltd

Ben Alderson CEO of Touchstone Advisory LtdAn expert in investments and overseas pensions for international clients, Ben Alderson has called upon his 19 years working on behalf of a large stable of High Net Worth Individuals (HWNIs) to establish his own financial advisory – Touchstone Advisory Ltd.

The new firm, for which he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer, is based in the Bahamas, the archipelagic state which since 2011 has provided some of the strongest regulatory conditions in the world of finance. Many offshore jurisdictions have, over the years, been faced with the challenge of either maintaining or repairing their reputation in financial services, as international scrutiny grew in the face of a number of high profile tax evasion cases. The Bahamas are widely acknowledged to have led the way in that respect.

For Alderson, the Bahamas provided the perfect jurisdiction in which to set up his new-look firm, as one of the regulatory leaders when it comes to transparency and safety in finance – two aspects that are immensely important to Touchstone Advisory Ltd.

Often financial advisors that set up on their own do so without the necessary foresight to make it work, however Alderson has held senior management positions in large scale firms more or less since graduating with a Business Economic Degree from Durham University.

Armed with this experience, and having seen opportunities and potential gaps in the market for improved customer care, increased transparency and reduced fees, Alderson enters into a fiercely competitive international market with a business model quite unlike those that borrow from traditionalist, boiler-room style finance.

Currently the firm is boutique in terms of size, with four employees each previously holding positions of seniority in banks and financial advisories. The modest size does, on the face of it suggest a new approach, where client care will come first, and it’s not just a case of “sign them up and move on”, an approach which has blighted the international finance market for decades.

Expatriates, now more than ever, are in genuine need of financial guidance and future planning advice, as the world approaches a critical point where political instability and general uncertainty could take it in one of two directions.

As the crisis in the GCC shows no sign of compromise, the stark reality of what Brexit means for the UK and Europe begins to take hold, and Trump continues to divide public opinion and world leaders alike, expatriates across the globe are assessing where their investments, assets and life savings might be best kept – Alderson expects the unique services and approach embraced by Touchstone Advisory Ltd to prove quite popular over the course of the next few years; time will tell if he’s correct, and if reputation really counts for anything in the financial industry in 2017.