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May Under Pressure To Do A Brexit Deal For Expats

Pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Theresa May to promise to safeguard the rights of European Union citizens in the UK after Brexit. Parliamentary groups in Britain are urging her to make a unilateral declaration as a show of good will to other European governments before Brexit talks start. May and her ministers have already […]

90% Of Retirement Savers Can’t Spot A Scam

Most retirement savers are confident that they can spot a pension fraud – but nine out of 10 picked a scam when asked to choose from three mock-up adverts offering financial advice. Consumer watchdog Citizens Advice asked 2,000 people whether they felt safe from scammers, and 75% said they were confident they could spot a […]

Is Another Global Housing Bubble Set To Burst?

Bankers are warning that house prices are too high despite years of correction since the credit crunch – and that another bubble may burst pushing the global economy off course again. The problem, say experts as Swiss bank UBS, is that a bubble is only spotted on bursting but if historic events that led to […]

Britain’s Love-Hate Relationship With Europe Ends In Divorce

Britain is leaving the European Union – the first major economy to vote to withdraw from the trade and economic bloc. After 43 years of a love-hate relationship, British voters said no to closer ties with the EU, no to accepting more migrants and no to accepting laws made in Brussels. Voting 52% to 48% […]

What Brexit Means For British Expats In Europe

Close to 1.2 million British expats in Europe are worried that a Brexit leave vote will lead to a huge upheaval in their lives. The future for expats looks bleak on several fronts if Britain leaves the European Union, according to a respected European think-tank. Expats on both sides of The Channel will be left […]

Dubai Financial Advice

Expats find managing their money in Dubai a lot different from choosing how to save and invest back in Britain. The whole structure of lending, borrowing and saving is different because Dubai imposes a Muslim financial structure rather than looking at rules and regulations based on the legal code in the UK. Although IFAs have […]

HMRC, HM Revenue And Customs

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is the agency tasked with collecting the money the government declares everyone should pay in tax. The agency also oversees the payment of some state benefits, such as child benefit, and plays a regulatory role supervising compliance with legislation such as the national minimum wage. Established in 2005, the department […]

HBOS bosses not in jail, and free to work in finance industry

The 10 men responsible for taking down one of Britain’s oldest financial institutions between them, Halifax-Bank of Scotland (HBOS), may face a ban from working in the financial industry, but they also may not. They certainly won’t be going to prison, or at least that’s the current outlook. After the British taxpayer was forced to […]

British – Saudi relationship on the rocks

The Saudi ambassador to the UK has claimed that he has witnessed an “alarming change” in the British attitude towards Saudi Arabia, warning that a continuing attitude problem could have serious repercussions for the British Isles. Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz, writing in the Daily Telegraph, spoke about the British refusing to continue with […]

Chancellor faces up to Lords defeat

The British Chancellor, George Osborne, has promised he will act on the concerns about the power of the House of Lords relating to a vote on tax credit cuts, in light of his peers demanding major changes by the government. The Conservative government were defeated twice in the House of Lords, with votes related to […]