How The Political Revolving Door Influences Investing

The world may seem a different place in a few months as a serious of political events unleashes uncertainty about the future of several developed countries. And that political uncertainty is one of the factors that undermines economic growth and market sentiment, according to a detailed study by economist Stephanie Kelly of financial firm Standard […]

Tax-Free P2P Booming As High Interest Rates Draw Lenders

City regulators  have granted approval to several new ISA  wrappers that allow tax-free peer-to-peer lending. Peer-to-peer lending (P2P) lets investors pool their cash to earn more interest than many traditional savings offers. New innovative finance ISAs let investors lend up to £20,000 a year – although the ISA limit can be spread over the three […]

Cold-Calling Con-Men Warning For Would-Be Investors

Fraud investigators are warning investors not to fall for promises of untold riches made by tricksters who call them out of the blue. The government’s Insolvency Service is concerned that so many investors hand their savings to crooks offering alternative investments with unrealistic returns. In the latest, Gary Arnold, 31, of Waltham Forest, East London, […]

Will In Specie Tax Grab Affect QROPS Pensions?

The UK tax authority has slammed another nail into self-managed pensions by barring tax relief on in specie investments to schemes with 26 providers. Thousands of retirement savers are now concerned that the ban will spread to other pension providers. An in specie contribution allows retirement savers to move property or other assets into a […]

Is Another Global Housing Bubble Set To Burst?

Bankers are warning that house prices are too high despite years of correction since the credit crunch – and that another bubble may burst pushing the global economy off course again. The problem, say experts as Swiss bank UBS, is that a bubble is only spotted on bursting but if historic events that led to […]

Tennis Champ Murray Dips Into Crowdfunding

Tennis champion Andy Murray has made his first investments as an ambassador of crowdfunding. Murray, who joined investment platform Seedrs in June 2015, is no stranger to risking his tennis winnings. He was already involved with management firm 77 and Cromlix, a luxury resort hotel in his native Scotland. Murray explained his first three Seedrs […]

Is it Time To Buy?

Markets are crashing. Everywhere we look news reports are showing stressed traders in front of screens full of red numbers, while headlines hammer home the bad news from China… Greece… US manufacturing.  What are we to think of it?  More importantly, what are we to do about it? First, stay calm. Life will go on, […]

Well-Oiled Plan Keeps Cost Of Crude Down

Saudi Arabia has switched on two huge new oil refineries that are likely to leave the price of crude languishing at around $50 a barrel for the foreseeable future. In a war of attrition between oil producing nations, the big players are all scared of blinking first and turning off the flow in case they […]

Stocks And Shares Guide For New Investors

Buying shares in a company is the most common way to invest. Historically, the returns on shares – also called stocks or equity – have outperformed most other asset classes, such as precious metals, bonds and stashing cash in bank accounts. Shares are issued by companies as a way of raising money. Investors buy shares […]

Don’t Grow A Start-Up Too Fast, Warns Entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurs are turning their backs on investors offering too much seed capital to start-up businesses. The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) only offers a start-up access to equity cash of up to £150,000 over three years, and some entrepreneurs are urging new businesses to take less rather than more in the next round of […]