Cold-Calling Con-Men Warning For Would-Be Investors

Fraud investigators are warning investors not to fall for promises of untold riches made by tricksters who call them out of the blue. The government’s Insolvency Service is concerned that so many investors hand their savings to crooks offering alternative investments with unrealistic returns. In the latest, Gary Arnold, 31, of Waltham Forest, East London, […]

90% Of Retirement Savers Can’t Spot A Scam

Most retirement savers are confident that they can spot a pension fraud – but nine out of 10 picked a scam when asked to choose from three mock-up adverts offering financial advice. Consumer watchdog Citizens Advice asked 2,000 people whether they felt safe from scammers, and 75% said they were confident they could spot a […]

Stop Scammers By Smashing Your Hard Drive

Fraudsters are buying secondhand laptops, tablets and phones to steal the personal identities of sellers who believed they had wiped their memories. An investigation by technology security firm Kaspersky Lab revealed that formatting a hard drive or sim card only hides data and scrub the information beyond retrieval. The firm bought three secondhand computers and […]