Tax Articles

Offshore Tax Avoidance Amnesties Ready To Close

Taxpayers who want to take advantage of reduced penalties by declaring secret offshore income and assets to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have until the end of the year to bring their finances up to date. All the current offshore disclosure schemes will close on December 31, according to an announcement from HMRC. Although a […]

Start-Ups Fail To Cash In On SEIS Tax Breaks

Many entrepreneurs are not cashing in on the benefits of massive tax breaks offered by the government-backed Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Although more than a thousand companies have applied for SEIS approval from HM Revenue & Customs, many other business that could benefit from start-up incentives could still be missing out on funding. The […]

India’s U-Turn On Tough Tax Laws

India’s controversial bid to crackdown on people avoiding tax has suffered a setback – and the new laws are now to sit on the backburner for two years. The General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR) targets foreign firms and investors from washing money through tax havens, particularly in Mauritius. One of the problems is that around 40% […]

Tax Choices For Expats Living In Britain

If you live in the UK but have a main home in another country, HM Revenue and Customs has issued new guidance about how to pay taxes. Essentially, taxpayers need to decide how they want to pay tax on their gains – such as the sale of property – and income from abroad. This is […]

Tax Havens Snub ‘Son Of FATCA’

Secretive financial haven ministers are snubbing an agreement with the British government that would allow a two-way flow of information between tax authorities. Dubbed ‘Son of FATCA’ after a similar controversial law in the US, the Jersey and Guernsey governments have declined to sign an agreement that would make them automatically reveal who is holding […]

Expat landlords should file a UK tax return

It’s coming around to tax return time for British expats again – and many forget that if they are renting out a property back home they still have to file a return wherever they may be living. As reported last month by, thousands of expats who leave Britain to work abroad for years at […]

Spoof tax guide exposes the rich and famous

A spoof celebrity gossip magazine sending up how the wealthy manage their taxes to pay less has been published by the Trade Union Congress (TUC). The magazine – Kerching! A Celebrity Guide to Tax Dodging – list the 10 most popular ways the wealthy and companies bypass tax laws, alleges the TUC. The articles explain […]

Will FATCA change the face of overseas investments forever?

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act will cause a sea change in the way in which financial institutions who deal with American persons operate. But how different will the provisions make the customer experience for investors, and will the provisions be workable for FFIs? Despite significant resistance and lobbying from the financial services sector against […]

Finding a good QROPS adviser

Getting the right pension plan can make or break a comfortable retirement. Everyone has heard the horror stories of the elderly couples who worked hard all their lives but made the wrong choices and ended up destitute as a result. If you are planning to retire abroad, the overseas dimension to your choice adds a […]

QNUPS can shelter wealthy homeowners from tax

QNUPS offshore pensions can help wealthy property owners avoid Chancellor George Osborne’s crack down on tax management, according to lawyers. Qualifying Non-UK Pensions (QNUPS) can shelter expensive residential property from new laws aimed at the wealthiest homeowners. In the last Budget, Osborne decided to raise stamp duty on home purchases of £2 million or more […]