Offshore centres

Our independent status offers access to a wide range of major international insurance companies regulated in secure offshore centres with the highest level of investor protection and client confidentiality.

We have outlined the information for the most respected offshore jurisdictions – Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, Dublin

The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man was the first offshore centre granted Designated Territory status by the U.K. This makes the Isle of Man one of the best-regulated International Finance centres in the world. In terms of political and financial security, few locations can rival the advantages provided by the Isle of Man.

With more than 1,000 years of continuous parliamentary government – the longest period of unbroken government in the world – the Isle of White enjoys exceptional political stability. In terms of direct taxation and legal matters, it is independent of, and not subject to, laws passed by the United Kingdom parliament.

In addition, the Isle of Man is not a member state of the European Union and is therefore not obliged to bring its tax system into line with that of the European Union. Isle of man law prohibits financial institutions from disclosing details of clients, or their financial dealings, to any tax authority therefore providing complete security.

In addition clients are protected by the Compensation of policyholders Regulations 1991, which are incorporated in the Financial Supervision Act 1988 operated by the Isle of Man Government Insurance Authority.

The Isle of Man compensation of policyholder’s regulations Act 1991 provides up to 90% of an insurer’s liability to the policyholder, in the unlikely event that the company should go into liquidation.


Guernsey is a part of the British Isles and yet it is independent of the United Kingdom. Guernsey’s history since 1205 has been one of prosperity, economic success and political stability. Guernsey’s position today as a premier international finance centre results from its combination of fiscal neutrality, quality communications and a progressive approach to legislation. Policyholder protection of the highest order has contributed to the prominence of international insurance within a wide-ranging financial services industry. The concentration of business has also resulted in the development of a network of professional support services, including a growing reputation for e-commerce.

Substantial investment in new premises by many of the leading international financial services companies is also a tangible sign of the positive way in which its key players view Guernsey’s major industry. There is little doubt that the future of Guernsey as a centre for international finance is bright and exciting.


Jersey is one of the world’s major international financial centres and its political and economic stability has made it an attractive base for thousands of banks, fund management companies and other financial professionals.

The Island has developed a sophisticated and comprehensive infrastructure of laws and regulations to support its Finance industry. Located between the United Kingdom and France, Jersey is recognised around the world as a centre of financial strength and security.

Jersey prides itself for being at the forefront of financial service regulation and investor protection. What’s more, from Jersey’s population of 88,000, over 12,000 are professionally trained staff working within the finance or related industries – a sure sign of the Island’s commitment to international investors.


All life assurance companies licensed to conduct business in Ireland are regulated by the Irish Government through the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. Ireland is a full member of the European Union. The Irish regulatory system is in line with EU requirements.

All life assurance companies are subject to strict EU solvency margin rules. The same rules that apply to life companies in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France and anywhere else in the EU. The aim of the solvency margin requirements is to insure that the company concerned has sufficient funds to comply fully with its obligations to policyholders.

Policyholders of unit-linked life assurance savings, investment, pension policies are secure in the knowledge that companies based in Dublin’s financial services centre are required at all times to hold investments to the value of the units held by client’s life policies. The funds are held separate and distinct from the shareholders funds, and are reported separately to the regulator.