Offshore saving plans for expatriates

We work with expatriates to help them select and arrange offshore savings plans. Offshore savings plans offer a flexible way for expatriates to save on a regular basis for retirement. Offshore savings plans offer expatriates the following advantages.


Offshore savings plans are located in highly respected well-regulated offshore centres offering exceptional client protection and confidentiality.


Offshore savings plans allow you to save monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annually by bank standing order, visa or master card and continue saving wherever you move.

Offshore savings plans allow you to arrange contribution holidays and reduce regular savings after you have completed an initial saving period.

The plans also allow you to increase regular savings and invest single amounts.

The plans allow your employer to contribute for you.

Investment fund choice

Offshore savings plans offer a wide range of investment funds managed by many of the worlds leading fund houses. Offshore companies continually monitor there fund ranges to identify new investment opportunities and provide the following benefits.

The investment funds cover the majority of the world’s investment markets and asset types including equity, property, bonds, fixed interest and currency funds.

Offshore savings plans allow you to select up to ten funds and provide the freedom to switch easily between funds whenever you want giving you the ability to tailor your fund selection to suit your ongoing savings requirements and attitude to risk.

The investment flexibility enables you as you near your savings plans maturity date to switch to low risk funds to preserve gains.

You can use the offshore company’s website to view the latest investment fund information, download fund fact sheets and find out about new fund range developments.

Multi purpose

Offshore savings plans allow you to combine various savings objectives within one plan such as savings for pension and children’s education.


Offshore savings plans allow you to make partial withdraws from your plan and withdraw the full amount as a lump sum when you retire.


Offshore savings plans have investment fund growth added to the plan without deduction of tax (with some exceptions in jurisdictions where withholding taxes imposed on dividends are not recoverable). Offshore companies pay the proceeds of your plan and any partial withdrawals without deduction of tax.