Expats Chasing Cash May Not Be Best For The Job

Employers could save money and potential hassle by selecting staff who really do want to work overseas, says a report.

The report, Mobilising Talent: The Global Mobility Challenge Survey which has been carried out by market research firm Ipsos and consulting network BDO, says that money isn’t always the number one reason for an employee to accept a posting overseas.

Donna Chamberlain, from BDO USA, says that simply offering a lucrative pay package may not mean the best candidate is selected – instead employers should understand an employee’s sentiment about a potential move.

By doing so, she says, they would save money because they wouldn’t have to put together such a lucrative relocation package and they would have a happier – and more productive – employee.

However, employers would need to understand what drives the behaviour of workers to benefit.

Job guarantees

The survey found that employees from all over the world were keener on working in countries that spoke English.

Topping the list of preferred locations is the United States, with 34%, followed by the UK on 22% and then Canada and Australia with 20%.

However, the same employees said they would be willing to make the move just so long as they were guaranteed a move back to their own country and current job after two years, with more assistance with relocation.

Not all employees are willing to take on overseas work assignments and enthusiasm for expat postings