Offshore investment bonds for expatriates

We help expatriates select and arrange offshore investment bonds for their international investment objectives. Offshore investment bonds offer many features that make them suitable for international expatriates medium to long term investment requirements.

We provide access to the three types of offshore bond described below. The bonds are provided by major international companies in secure offshore centres providing the highest level of client protection and confidentiality.

Some of the companies we use are Skandia International and Friends Provident International

Collective Bonds

Collective investment bonds provide a simple cost effective solution for most expatriates investment objectives. This type of investment bond allows you to create a diverse portfolio of investment funds to suit your particular requirements and attitude to risk. The investor has access to an extensive fund range offering many of the worlds leading fund management companies. To find out more about the benefits of investing in this type of bond please see Investment bond features.

Personalised Collective Bonds

Personalised collective bonds are suitable for experienced investors who want to select a portfolio of investment funds from among the thousands available beyond those available within the investment bond providers fund ranges.

Personalised Portfolio Bonds

Personalised portfolio bonds are suitable for experienced investors who want to manage a diverse portfolio that can include the following assets, Stocks and shares, fixed interest securities, currency deposits, offshore and authorised unit and investment trusts, and private company shares.