What Every QROPS Investor Should Know About Malta

If you’re looking into investing in a QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) container for your pension, then you should be considering Malta as one of your top choices.

Malta is very attractive as a tax jurisdiction and it’s a very good option for those looking to establish themselves residentially overseas. By taking advantage of the residency schemes available you could enjoy a very appealing 15% flat rate tax. It’s an island that is just 3 hours from London and the climate if fabulous.

Let’s explore what Malta has got to offer you as a QROPS investor.

What’s it like to live in Malta?

If you’re a fan of great Mediterranean food, a very low level of crime and friendly people as neighbours then you can’t go wrong. Out of 192 countries, Malta was named as the top residential country by International Living Magazine in 2011. It’s also well known for its excellent health care and a balmy climate – 15 degrees Celsius in January is very comfortable.

The population of the island (400,000) is made up of Maltese and a