Don’t worry about moving your money offshore

Many expats make the mistake of believing their income and assets are safe from the long arm of the UK taxman once they move abroad – but this is not necessarily true. Leaving the UK without following the right procedure can mean huge tax penalties and surcharges. For instance, transferring a UK pension fund in […]

Investment Fund News Brief

Low growth and low inflation are the watchwords for the year, according to JP Morgan Asset Management. The firm is warning investors that active management and selecting the right investments is key. Global Multi-Sector Income Strategy portfolio manager Iain Stealey describes the global outlook as far from thrilling. “With low growth and inflation globally, and […]

Just who is qualified to give QROPS expat pension advice?

Expats are switching billions of pounds from their UK pension pots in to QROPS offshore schemes to flee the constant tinkering by the British government. Not only do QROPS offer attractive tax breaks – but they come with more flexible investment and currency options for expats looking to make the most of their retirement savings. […]

How can retirement saving be “sold” better?

Less than half of working age Brits are saving into a private pension. But pensioner poverty is widely talked about in the media. Unless the behaviour of half of the British working population can be changed, the state will have to pick up the bill in some form or another.  It is clear that frightening […]