Who Can Have A QROPS Offshore Pension?

QROPS are widely available but come with some restrictions for expats seeking to move their retirement money overseas. With almost 1,300 current schemes across 28 financial centres, a QROPS pension is almost available for any expat. Expat is the first key word. QROPS are designed as a place for retirement savers who have savings in […]

British Expats Lose Legal Challenge For UK Voting Right

A legal challenge aimed at ensuring British expats get to vote in general elections has received a setback after one case hit the buffers in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Harry Shindler had argued that he should be legally entitled to vote because he still had close ties to the UK. The 93-year-old […]

Tax Havens Snub ‘Son Of FATCA’

Secretive financial haven ministers are snubbing an agreement with the British government that would allow a two-way flow of information between tax authorities. Dubbed ‘Son of FATCA’ after a similar controversial law in the US, the Jersey and Guernsey governments have declined to sign an agreement that would make them automatically reveal who is holding […]

Three things to think about before leaving the UK

If you’re about to jump on a plane and start a new life as an expat in a new country, here are three key financial planning tips you need to consider before you go. Understanding what to expect in the way of taxes, hidden costs and a foreign financial culture will soften the blow of […]