Police Warn Investors About Rare Earth Scammers

Rare earth metals may sound precious, but for many investors they are just a costly scam, warn police. Detectives are urging potentials investors to guard against crooks smooth talking the unwary out of millions. Devon and Cornwall Police are investigating complaints from five investors who have fallen victim recently. Victims are told rare earth metals […]

Cold Call Ban Urged To Halt Pension Fraud

Growing fears about the antics of firms targeting people to unlock their pensions has led to calls for all cold callers from financial services firms to be banned. The consumer help organisation, Citizens Advice,  says it is seeing increasing numbers of people who have been cold called and been persuaded to unlock their pension – […]

What are the hallmarks of a financial scam?

If financial scams were obvious, they would not work. But with the benefit of hindsight, there are always certain hallmarks to scams that should have flagged their fraudulent nature. So how can a prudent investor protect themselves and try to spot the signs that all may not be well? Too good to be true Fraudsters […]